Every Boss has a Day !

Every once in a while at the office, there will be an incident that makes Heroes..today the hero is our boss … 16th June 2008 …

Let me tell you what happened in the morning ,We all stood up to show our respect when he bumped into our hall ,that was the usual presentation also called the “meeting of the Day” by the Office. It took place at 09 30 AM IST, whenever it took place.

“Hello Friends” and he comes out of his cabin shouting. Mind you its ‘Hello friends’ and not ‘hell of
friends’ that he says , thank God in the morning.

“Today we have a new friend who joins us here”

“Please welcome Ms Mahagomi Our new japanese friend , who joins us today ” … and the usual blah blah blah …
Suddenly the power goes off.. and there is pin drop silence as the fans stop their noise … Now his voice was clear and
squeaky ,his tone changed as the fans stopped slowly…He felt insulted when the lights were gone … but poor guy smiled
and exclaimed loudly “Mahagomy…” … Ms Mahagomi is very shy and blushes ,She might have felt nervous looking at so
many indians together.she might have had great respect for indians especially after meeting our boss.
“i hope you all will take care of mahogomy and take her into your team, please welcome her” his quota of words finished.

” now mahagomy will say a few words of introduction. Come mahagomy , please say something about

After the brief introduction and induction , mahagomy sat next to me. She was wondering why the hell indian ACs are not
working efficiently” . After a long wait ,the power did come.
Now there was another major ceremony of the day, inaugurating the Swipe card reader in our office.
And the boss was actually waiting for the ‘return of power’.


“Hello friends” he ran out of his cabin, most people who faced him suddenly started to minimize the
orkut and chat windows. Unlucky guys like me need a much better chance and its a habit to turn our head around to spot him
before opening my favourite windows.
“Today we are going to introduce the card reader “, he said showing the white card in
his hand raising it so that all can see it.Then he went near the card reader to show us how it worked….His swipe was in
the Name tag which he hung on his neck.. so swiping the card would mean he has to bend his neck and move his face towards the swipe machine.
He did this for 5 -6 times during the demo of “How to use the Swipe card?” Poor guy He never thought it will be hard work for him too, now he never talk about the Card Reader again.”All of you are welcome to put your comments and if you have any suggestions ,please tell it to the administrator. I think we can work together to improve our company , so that it benefits the society , which will improve the state and the country.”
“hahahaa.. ..” most of us laughed but it dint come out too much …
After she made a round in the office ,introducing each of us , it was time for a break ,may be we call it the Unofficial Tea break ! The boss ordered that none should drink tea in the coffee room (hahahaha How does one drink tea in the coffee room any way? Huh It should be Tea Room…right)during the morning session .
“If you want to drink tea I have no problems only thing is that you take the Cup and come inside to drink.”
“We dont allow tea break in the morning !”
This order was passed two months ago during a similar meeting. From then people have
reduced the visits to coffee room. I still remember , there was one incidence regarding the number of coffee vended out by the machine. He used to count the number of coffee made in a week by noting the readings in the Machine.
Then he found that on an average an employee drinks around 5 cups of coffee a day. Hmmm ……

There will be incidences of this type in any organization which will be fun and lighter to share , employees get together in spare time to crack jokes and share these moments

Ironical….but these are the few methods that help us cope up with the psychological stress that is developed at the work place. Sharing can be so much fun.Each employee has an experience which is so personal to him/her of his working environment.They start developing feelings about the work. An idea about the collective feelings the employees have is a good measure of the work culture in the organization. Its another of a topic to analyze and discuss, we do it when we get time………..

i still remember drinking Tea in the beginning When i joined the company. Then used to be a party atmosphere during the Tea time . But a few months later purchase of tea was stopped . Few people like me who prefer tea to coffee had to look for alternative sources of tea, though i still remember having tried drinking coffee but further allergies prevented me from more coffee…

Learning the Japanese language was another topic of fun and interest we loved to have. Every year new teachers are recruited from japan for teaching us japanese. Its not just the language but the culture as well that s imparted during this training.Learning it for the first time was fun and the strangeness of their art and dexterity of their craft made us wonder.
Mahagomy will come at 5 00 PM to call us for classes.


During the japanese classes , we are able to express our doubts ……


Afternoon times are the most funny ,,, the power of sleep sweeps almost all of us. Some employees just doze off without much effort and get up after a quick fall , a sharp jerk , sometimes the mouse falls down like what happened with me last week… How helpless we are that we feel so ugly after opening the eyes after a satisfying official nap, there are incidences where we start dreaming even … is that day dreaming about people whom we love … a better job … a better pay and the wishful fantasies
dream about a beautiful dance with the beloved one. She will dance with the elegance and grace which will never pull you out of it , whereas the boss comes fron the behind somewhere and stands behind you checking for what happened.He may be cunning and may keep a watchful eye on you or wait for your sleep to break …
once that happened last week one of our colleagues was sleeping in the morning itself, i guess it was a monday morning and no wonder almost all of them were sleepy… guess the reason ‘they all came from home’. he was sleeping and was unaware of the boss , who was standing next to him.
Boss asked, “hey Fo! whassup … what you are doing in the project right now” .But Fo was deep in sleep , unaware of the boss next to him.Suddenly boni came up between them and shook fo. “Hmmm, ah whats up!”
“Bony ,what are u doing?” Boss asked boni.
“Sir , iam trying to wake up Fo” bony was shaking fo.
“I am not asking that , i want to know the current position of our project”

“Oh ok! Its current position is with Fo ,Sir”
Suddenly he wanted to know if the documentation was over or not,”Will u call BP , where is he?” BP is an expert in documentation.But BP was on leave….
BP is like doing all crazy stuff … Then Baby is the designer who is all very important in designing the sites and any page…


hahahaha fantasies increase when the workload is too much, they are like stress busters…

there are many who feel embarrassed after a sudden fall..especially just after the lunch break … some do play prank on people who are victims to sleep… a well earned sleep during the working hours is more valuable than the sleep at night….
Some develop methods of sitting straight and elegant even when enjoying a official sleep.


Author: apboss

I love to share and experiment with words, words for me are like olfactory senses, they wake me up in a garden of experiences, SOUL meets me

8 thoughts on “Every Boss has a Day !”

  1. Yaar,Our boss is a real hero,wanted to do something phenomenal everyday but fails miserably.Poor man,nothing actually worked for him.I think he has to consult an astrologer.

  2. Its not problem of our Boss. Its about the problem of man who was in charge of the punching machine.
    He is always with our boss.
    Like Masala Dosa with “Vada”

    Eswaroo Rakshadu !!!!

  3. These guys are all the same. Cant manage themselves so run around n try to manage others doing blunders for others to laugh at!!!

  4. He is like a jackal, always looking for a target who was unfortunately in a “good sleep” by sneaking behind him/her very agile without the sound of his footsteps.
    Then the hunting begins… by tapping one of our shoulders and say “How is it?” with a too torny voice of his.
    The Boss is always watching you…

  5. Guys just make sure that your boss is not into this blog thing, he might not need another reason to sack you!!!

    Arre dara nahi rahi hoon……dont worry! Kash ki i also got a chance to take a nap during office hours.

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