The inmates of St Joseph’s Leper Home ……….

They have been coming here for the past one  and a half years , two of the inmates come everytime. I met them six or seven times in the past one year. I still remember the first time when they came here .It was the first week of February , just after i joined the company here. They had a plastic cover with them which had one side transparent. The necessary certificates to prove that they are the original  inmates of the Leper home were with them. I had a look at them , they normally come in the morning time and i will be busy  for the office. I always wanted to have a talk with them and share their experiences. But there visit is often unpredicted and mostly i forget. I am so happy when they said ‘Hi’ to me. I felt like the most happy man. Its difficult to make them happy who live in misery. We all live in a different world , where our concerns are no longer our basic needs .

We all live and struggle for vanities. 
   But i could see the instinct in them for the struggle for survival. 
One of them holds the receipt book and he talks more,but  in his  broken malayalam. They  are basically tamil. He shouted at my first sight with a real energy, “Vanakkam sir!”.
 I knew i was happy to see them and that my day will be good. 
Namaskaram ” I replied
” Its been long……..” i asked……………..

3 thoughts on “The inmates of St Joseph’s Leper Home ……….

  1. is a really great feeling to connect with people…just a simple hi can be wonderful…especially if they r simple people without any pretenses….

  2. Nice blog!!! a special person i found in our company with kind hearted mind and ofcourse in deeds.Expecting more…

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