Unseen Love……….

We went to the dancing bowl during one of the weekends. She has been insisting that we go there one of the weekends. She liked it very much. The music played there is slow and romantic. It makes you feel lost out in the crowd.
I held her arms in my arms when we were talking . It was music all around and dim lit candles swayed to lighten up sparsely. She asked me “Are you coming ,give me your hand”.

She danced and tapped to the song played. Her energy increased as she danced. She was drenched in sweat. I was there watching her dance from a distant seat.
In between she would gesture and would ask me “Did u do this ever? Fun right”.
I knew i did it too when alone.
“This is so much fun! I can go on for all night .I feel so much energy” She exclaimed.
I watched her.
“I feel so free” she shouted and wanted me to join. I looked at her.
“Come on. Why dont you say something !” She wanted to hear me say.
In our conversations she says the most.I always listen and go on listening.She had so much to say and i loved to listen. As if my ears were hungry ………
“Tell me what do you want me to say” I asked her.
She finished and was tired…

“Say anything ! I love whatever you say”she leaned on to me. Nose to my Chest, she felt safe in my arms.
“I love you ” ,I wishpered in her ears
“How much “
“Too much “
I spread my arms wide and exclaimed ,”This much”
“I love You”



” To love somebody whom you have never seen even once …Isnt it pure love”


One thought on “Unseen Love……….

  1. Pure love is not only blind but unconditional too!!!

    This love if flavoured with understanding, committment and care, there will be Heaven on Earth…….

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