“My mood was under her influence,then i looked out of the door ,i
could see her impressively beautiful standing bathed in the moonlight ,the rays
reflected of her bosom and navel.” i stood their for a while ,gazing.There was silence around.and it was dark in my room.The only white object was the taj “oh! darling ,it is so beautiful” She just came from the shower. We both were looking at the taj
mahal from our hotel room ,I knew that the taj mahal is one of the most romantic monuments on earth,when moonlight
falls on her,she looks so beautiful like a glowing white jewel . Bathed in milk. I will fantasy this way,i go to delhi from cochin with my belowed .Then she has
this plan of seeing the taj dipped in white moon light.My lover is a romantic
lady. I know she can be turned on with this visit. And this could be a treat for
her, me and lover slowly walk towards the taj.Hand in hand, touching and feeling
each other
From the far, a glow has filled around.I think what the great emperor Shah

Jahan had in his mind when he decided to build the taj,Was it a present to his

belowed. was it a testimonial to their love. or something else.


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