Daffodils …..TEARS

When She Called him last night , he was soaked in tears. She said she was suffering from pain.
“An intoxication of Pain has taken over me, Pain intoxicates me, my emotions were dead for a moment…” she said. He was having a glass of beer then when she called me . She liked to share the drink with him. “Please talk to me , I will intoxicate you” she said. Her emotions came out loud and voluminous. He never know any other lady in this world who is so perfect ,despite her imperfections. She is aware of her selves, she suffers from pain.They were never mere flesh for each other. That never swayed their relationship. In the chill of the night ,his spine trembled with fear, he could feel tears drying out in his ears.
“Can we share a drink , ever ?”She asked. “Its difficult right now, but I want it right now” she exclaimed. How helpless she was, even he was no less helpless.
“We will one day ” he said as if he were finding a treasure of hope in despair.
Then he thought to himself “I know most others , who think of being mere meat soup running around. All are carried away by the smell of flesh, We are mere flesh for competition. We are interested in grabbing a piece of another, even we snatch those pieces from others when we are hungry”
He wanted to get more intoxicated with alcohol, but her pain solemnized him for a longer time. He could ever go on drinking and still be normal, as if she came to hold him in her arms. Then he realized how futile it be if he keeps on searching solace in intoxication. He thought ,”Well they are in her, in me, everything is in us.” They need to find that ,As long as he keep on talking to her he can fuel his inner self.
The need for flesh is a seed for vengeance, it generates and separates human beings . There is a strong desire of possession , its like a greed for flesh. The strongest example is a “Battle for Sex”. The result is a turmoil in mind. Any Relationship that is devoid of a possession is going to last longer and sweeter. Its a fountain of energy. …..


Author: apboss

I love to share and experiment with words, words for me are like olfactory senses, they wake me up in a garden of experiences, SOUL meets me

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