Daffodils ….An Escape

After coming here She came to know about the exam schedule.Due to the indefinite strike exams stand postponed. She had to think about how to spend the day, He (…) gave her company for the whole day.He didnt present much problems and was coming out with jolly conversations.They went to the gardens near the city’ s lone dam,a tourist spot , tourists flock their especially during the summer vaccations.It was april and they had good time. There were spots where one can sit and be lost in thoughts with no distractions from the out, there might be a tree which would provide shade and its underneath nothing but tender grass spreads in a thin layer ,fills the lawn like a sheet.The lawns are watered properly to keep the green lush and leafy. A survey of the marshy land soothes your eyes ,ripples played on the surface of the water that seem to be swallow near the shore. She was comfortable to find the same spot again left vaccant ,so she was happy to express concerns about other things freely.The resting place ,,may be the hiding place , losing yourself place, makes it so special that we tend to personalise and start possessing it, finding such a hiding place was so important, it was to escape from the external world where you are an object of speculation to the one that is eternal where you are lost even in the crowd.
She expressed her concern over the dying condition of the lake,she was watching it as she spoke about the past four years ………………..
He was listening and making available her the most patient ears, he was absorbed .
The evening drooped in bringing the garden lights on…………..
It was a long awaited conversation ,evening was the best time for a recoup . Hot weather always kills the hopes of a traveller ,along with sweat,heat and discomfort ..dust becomes a nuisance. But now she felt fresh………………..


Now the atmosphere has calmed itself with the sun moving down. The fresh smell of water pouring on to the dry soil generated a tingly feeling. She could find no other safer place in the world now. “How nice it would be if i could talk and you sit and listen unmoved..” said she. The lights were brighter towards the Dam resorvoir and there was some mmusic going on. Dancing lights played in tune with the notes of the accompanying music, they were colored and made the sorroundings colorful.
People flocked all around the podium ,and faithfully sat down to usher a crack of topics. There was noise all around of human chatter. But it all looked so well matched that they felt like coming back there where they could snatch a free time. She wanted to feel the air, and stood up with the wind blowing across her face blowing her hair gently. He watched her strecthing her arms and kept watching her. “How much i love you,how can i tell you?” he wishpered to himself and he could hear it clearly.
Some years ago he went to her home to see her grandmother. But the trip materialised only after a lot of planning.It was a village in the interior region.Her father lived in there along with his sister(her Appachi) now she is a widow ,in their parental home taking care of their ailing old mother.
Her grandma turned 86 last week. Entirely covered by wrinkles ,her body is never left with any
spot unwrinkled. Her eyesight disappeared long years back and the only contact she had with the outside world is her hearing And shouting at her meant the only it worked. The river behind their home flows slowly ,dragging sluggishly the little amount of water it had. Small bunds have been created here and then to collect enough water for human usage in the drought period….which are a common happening every year.

On the contrary , the atmospohere inside the room was very cool and soothing


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