they need care and love….

B: I think we should got to a orphanage and spend some time there …
A: hmm..right. You know sometimes ,I think i am an orphan
no one needed me because i had some bad qualities….
nobody liked me , then I felt lost out ,left alone as if i am an orphan and a beggar……..

B :No !! You have a family,
think about a person who has nobody to say mom or dad..
if u say u r an orphan, i vll kill u.
A : You r right 🙂
No man i am not saing that i am an orphan .
Isnt it wrong to say when there are so many people who are destitutes and orphans………
I have almost everything that a human being needs…………
bcos my needs are so less .enough is there with me……
but i know the sadness to an extent , undergone when u r left alone…
I know that those people whom i call orphan are actually much more stronger than me…
if they had something extra than what they had ….
their life would have been different……….
i am lucky that i am not an orphan
i am lucky that i can feel the pains of a sad human , helpless to convey himself.
But we will go man to see them……

B: Dont think about our weakness. if we feel we are weak,
then how can we tell to others “be bold”??

A: Hmm.. I am weak I know that from inside
But i can be as strong as the coconut shel from the out
then i am ready to face anything
then i can become the strongest
But we will go man to see them……

B: here, never think about ourself. here we need a mind to meet them
you are strong man. i know it..

A: We have the mind to see them and now some time is required
If u wanna show yr love to anybody or anything You need to take out time for it……..
if u spend a caring time with someone thats the real gift for them ….
not caring whether they care or not…………
thats how we show we love them…



B: Do we need to have some money with us to go there so that can be gifted for their welfare.
A: Wont that be a good thing if we can spend time with them ………….about the money ..hmm we need to have a good amount of it…
B :Can we not go and watch an orphanage from the outside ?
A: why not ! we can do that too as long as we don’t have enough money to donate..
B: Hmm
A: I used to go to a temple near my home called Oachira where there are hundreds of old men and women come and live ,not like orphans the orphanage still the temple is inhabited by homeless people, I used to see them once in a month ……sometimes i had money but mostly never had money..
so would sit in between them and feel them
B :Why dont we use the blog to collect the money???
Open an account and we too involve it
A:How can we use it


Author: apboss

I love to share and experiment with words, words for me are like olfactory senses, they wake me up in a garden of experiences, SOUL meets me

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