A confrontation……

ANGER………. Anger is an impulsive reaction to an unprecedented situation in which z human being is momentarily placed. An example has been cited below………………..
Patience is an asset to possess.It may not cost in millions and pays back ten fold. But not all manage to keep it with them and discard it too early.People who have great success in life ,time and again proved the significance of patience.They showed us that without patience nothing could be achieved worthwhile in this mortal world .
Let me cite an example , this happens almost daily in their home. She is a typical housewife who possibly thinks one should win out of every situation.She would ask her husband ,”Dont you feel ashamed of yourselves of being a failure”
He replied “What can I do?That is the reality!” That was a rude reply .
“This is the root cause of your failure ,my dear,you behave too rude to show your deeds.Nothing is greater than Heavens !! Fear the God!”
“You are the laziest guy, the most useless fellow i have ever seen. Still you are so proud” ,She was virtually like trembling with anger.One could feel the curse in her words.
With this level of conversation going on ,his level of patience decreased and his animosity emerged. He angered in a split second , he was rude. Oncethe temper is breached ,personal good and common good is not seen. Then you shower out words which are entirely spitting venom from the inside. If there were any to be spitted, they look for a vent and oust right at such junctures.

Every possible curse, hidden subdued words and expressions flung in succession. One can feel the incosistency of human relations in a situation which peels of the skin from your body .

We owe a very small life extending upto a meagre multiple of few tens ,but even that small and mediocre span of life can be made and lived exemplerary and immortalised. It is not important how long we live but the fact that how we lived is significant.


Author: apboss

I love to share and experiment with words, words for me are like olfactory senses, they wake me up in a garden of experiences, SOUL meets me

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