Resolutions and everytime……..

Every time I make resolutions, real and daring ones , sometimes they seem that identity of work and time management are my birthrights.Everytime ,these are the very resolutions that are beyond my expected delays and human errors,I never take into account.Both virtuality and reality ironically form the same face.Simply the actions never match words.And it is a comfort that soothes me, to sometimes make my mind that i too can be resolute. So everytime i break all my resolutions, its as natural as creating it ,even though not at once but gradually.Everytime a compromise is reached , bitter concessions are given rooms.Everytime the resolutions to keep away from resolutions is taken , but that too very often is broken.

After this much drama , i come to know my weakness and failures.A pin point plan is made keeping in mind every aspect of my mistakes and wrongs.At some sudden surge of emotions these very determinations mould themselves into solid resolutions. Unknowingly.As usual everytime this again meets the dead end gutter, everytime all resolutions die only to reincarnate themselves.

We appreciate changes that bring goodness to us, planning a great day ahead , or a dream that our day should be like , we appreciate any small happiness. Because at any time , squared in our mind is the feeling of being happy.


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