How can a news transform my friend into the

Finally Blessey called me to end a long cold war between us. He took the initiative to break the ice. The news which he gave was to make things more brighter in his life. He is getting married, on the 20th August 2007. i must say here that this news is totally surprising and has popped up almost unexpectedly but with an ease of a graceful event.Thats his attitude. The thing came up so swiftly that he had no time to think about but to act. He seems satisfied…i learnt that being happy is a state of mind. One has to feel the happiness inside. but most often we only tend to be ignorant and act too smart. How often we suffered together.
I hope he still talks about Herbalife. Then we used to have episodes of fun based on herbalife. I still remember having gone to ………….Well there are more episodes that should be added to spectrum. Spectrum life and my friends. I hate my college and the university. In those years of my life, if i had a choice i would have never chosen to study for a Degree. I hate them who take the onus of producing engineers. I dont have the slightest respect for the word , Education. Its like the ……….
Spectrum had more good thing to offer .


I must strongly come out of shell of depressive cover, but i have seen destroyed lives all gathered together gasping for air and life.That part of my life ,i think i put it at Stake……..I hate that life which screwed and made an ass out of me. People stood up only to kick at me … I love myself as much i hate them who were acquainted at the Techniical Unversity…. A worst experience which seeds in me to germinate the strongest of vengeance in an innocent soul..


Author: apboss

I love to share and experiment with words, words for me are like olfactory senses, they wake me up in a garden of experiences, SOUL meets me

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