Mother Earth

Life is tough out here,only churns
Win ,truth suffers at their will
I was prey to this malady burns
Within me,forced me to go to a still’
Place,Where nature was enough a mother,
Led me into the fields at the noon
Pained from worries,Worried as I bother
But the grown paddy whizzed,you goon
Leave your worries,hear me sing
The tallest of the palms gave a grin
For his gnarl was clear,if i had wing
Would have Kissed his fore,emulating the skein
The greens of the fields,the skies blue
Waves of green call me to gibe
I wasn’t alone,flooded with friends ,who
Never talked,who were no tribe
But they heard me,gave me no precept
For a while,a home away from home
Made me calm ,a place where i can
Bring myself…..


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