Sombre,I felt when the battle was lost,
Nowhere could i peep ,playing the perfect host.
My mind wandered for a while ,it heard
The voices of a friend ,far away, who whispered.
At times you ma y feel like using a sword
Must you face these and not utter a word
When large crowds flocked around you
And put questions ,enough to trouble you.
Feared and incompetent you might feel
Lost battles present you wounds hard to heel
A friend,you might search in that crowd,
But knaves will dominate and prove you fraud.
You might keep your head cool
Lest Bigi\ots make profit,you being the tool
Clouds of worries,should never let you to tipple
Because that will blot you ,with ugly stiple.
If you could face this battle with mettle
Allow long distances and mean people to settle
Then Life is yours,you shouldnt get whew
Dark nights give away to lovely morns of Dew!


Author: apboss

I love to share and experiment with words, words for me are like olfactory senses, they wake me up in a garden of experiences, SOUL meets me

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