Time ran away, far away
Leaving me at bay
With no words to say
She continued on her way

Dark images shadowed,aloud
The dark borrowed
Some gloomy cloud
Deserted lay my beloved
But life has enough in store
From dignities nature wore
I learn t about a candle core
which burnt itself to adore..

The life of it remained in wax
The life had words and facts
But it didn’t respect the word “relax”
The candle let me know
TO burn not to bow
but to continue life’s flow
Remove darkness and to glow



I wanted to sleep that night ever
That night seemed to end faster
I missed a lot of sleep
Thus m wish left unfulfilled
My friend came to me next day
My friend knew not talk to me
I had lots of merry to share too
My sleep needed an end too
Eyes were red,face worn out
Could my friend make it out
Minds filled sense of desire
That the incomplete sleep gave me
Soon the friend realized
A friend is as good as sleep
But both at different times
Without them no lie rhymes

Mother Earth

Life is tough out here,only churns
Win ,truth suffers at their will
I was prey to this malady burns
Within me,forced me to go to a still’
Place,Where nature was enough a mother,
Led me into the fields at the noon
Pained from worries,Worried as I bother
But the grown paddy whizzed,you goon
Leave your worries,hear me sing
The tallest of the palms gave a grin
For his gnarl was clear,if i had wing
Would have Kissed his fore,emulating the skein
The greens of the fields,the skies blue
Waves of green call me to gibe
I wasn’t alone,flooded with friends ,who
Never talked,who were no tribe
But they heard me,gave me no precept
For a while,a home away from home
Made me calm ,a place where i can
Bring myself…..


She was overpowering
Thus her presence felt
She was restless and tired
Thats what i felt
Sitting by her side
Watching her glow
The setting sun dips
Making golden her flow…(Sindhu is a river from India)


Love is something beautiful
Like a hymn to my deity
The lyrics of which
Cleanse my soul for ever

Love is something beautiful
Like a set of melodies
The harmonies of which
Lasts a lifetime long.

Love is something beautiful
Like the “gandha” flower
Embedded in her hair
Fragrance of which,refreshed for long

Love is always beautiful
like the waters of clear
Like the flowers of morn
Like the angel of the lyre.

My love

I loved her beyond everything,
Every splash of moments hers,
She brought cheers to my imagination
I look for her in my loneliness
Brought from her smiles,seamless
Her face goes beyond words
Those words ,,of which I still remember
Spread like Honey on to me
She may not know my feelings
Deep than they can be are my wounds
I failed to get her healing touch
She walks careless,much of air
Full of fragrance,woven in them
Smiles as she spreads,fills
In me guilt,for sins of mine
I may not be punished ,thus
Come these days when i write
About her ,She is near me
She always was ,as she is today
I may not reveal it today
But ,its more said than done ,they say
Profoundly created marvel of words
Called poem is for her
Let her read it,let her know
It pains ,let her sense ,to be
Left unnoticed by a person you love.


Sombre,I felt when the battle was lost,
Nowhere could i peep ,playing the perfect host.
My mind wandered for a while ,it heard
The voices of a friend ,far away, who whispered.
At times you ma y feel like using a sword
Must you face these and not utter a word
When large crowds flocked around you
And put questions ,enough to trouble you.
Feared and incompetent you might feel
Lost battles present you wounds hard to heel
A friend,you might search in that crowd,
But knaves will dominate and prove you fraud.
You might keep your head cool
Lest Bigi\ots make profit,you being the tool
Clouds of worries,should never let you to tipple
Because that will blot you ,with ugly stiple.
If you could face this battle with mettle
Allow long distances and mean people to settle
Then Life is yours,you shouldnt get whew
Dark nights give away to lovely morns of Dew!


Poems are no mere collection of words arranged to a taste but they are words beyond words that enlarge a vision.I may visualize to express those hidden feelings longing to come out,to bring me close to me,so that i am set free to wander.Freedom there becomes expression tinted with unmatched quality and unreal frankness.